We serve licensed health care practitioners and businesses engaged in the medical industry. We provide legal counseling and representation to individual and corporate clients faced with legal problems or professional disciplinary action.

Our practice includes direct representation for investigations, negotiations, civil litigation and formal administrative hearings. We handle professional disciplinary cases, government audits, business transactions, reimbursement problems, debt collection, guidance on regulatory compliance and assistance with medical product development.

We make office visits within Ventura County and provide remote services anywhere in the state of California.

Online research cannot replace experienced legal advice. We provide affordable, high quality counseling to help your business run smoothly.

We apply flat-fee billing designed to fit your needs.

We stay abreast of California and federal laws to help you breathe easier and focus on your practice.

We provide training and education programs for organizations. Our California-HIPAA website includes 24 tutorials on HIPAA compliance.

Karen Darnall and Carol Mack, RN, have academic training and work experience in health care. Karen Darnall was a clinical chemist before she became a lawyer. From 1990 to 2010, she prosecuted medical malpractice cases. Carol Mack, RN, worked as an advanced oncology certified nurse (AOCN). From 1990 to 2007, she worked at Amgen in regulatory affairs reviewing marketing materials, providing regulatory advice and negotiating prescription-marketing information with FDA. Carol Mack is currently a professor of nursing at California State University-Channel Islands (CSUCI) Health Department.

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